How to Plan A Successful Champagne Party

by Mariela

There’s a reason why people would rather serve champagne at parties than regular cocktails, and that’s because champagne is a classy drink, and whoever shares this drink at their party will be considered elegant. In fact, once people know that they’re attending a champagne party, they’ll want to dress to impress.

Now that we’ve explained how a champagne party can make you look all posh and classy, you need to know how to plan a successful one, so it doesn’t backfire. Here’s how to throw a successful champagne party.

Pay Attention to the Catering Service

Before anything else, ensure that the champagne is top-notch and not just anyone you can grab over the counter. As a rule of thumb, avoid wine that’s too sweet, as that waters down the posh effect you’re aiming for.

And since you’ll be serving a high-quality drink, ensure that the food is up to par. Guests will definitely want to eat, and if they’re getting good wine, they must also be getting good nutrition. Aim for simple party delicacies like sweet potato chips and beetroot. You can also add shrimp, oysters, and cheese for guests who want something different.

If you’re too busy to handle all these yourself, you can employ the services of a catering company. Make sure they come with great reviews – you don’t want any catering company to ruin your well-planned party.

Cutlery and Glassware Must Be Top-notch

No one drinks champagne from a plastic cup, that’s for sure. If you are serving champagne at your party, ensure the glassware is on par – champagne flutes are a great idea. If you don’t have those, you can use white wine glasses; they work too. You can spice the whole thing up by using a champagne cart to serve drinks to guests. You should have the right plates, forks, spoons, and knives for the food. Just make sure that whatever utensils you use speak class.

Serve the Drink Cold

Never serve champagne at room temperature – that’s an unspoken rule. Before serving the drink to your party guests, place it in an ice bucket (half ice and half water) for a minimum of 20 minutes before sharing.

Station ice buckets at strategic locations around the party arena so that the wine is ready whenever anyone’s interested. If you want something bigger, you can make an ice bath.

Carefully Open Bottles

Champagne corks are popular for flying off the lid, so unless you want to risk injuring someone in the eye, you should be extra careful when it’s time to pop the bottle. The best thing to do is point it away from your guests. Gently unwind the cage and pop the cork.

You might be tempted to use a saber to open the bottle but unless you’re an expert, stick to the regular champagne opening method.


A champagne party is just like any other party, with more class and poise. It takes a lot of diligent planning to make it a successful one. It might be stressful, but once it’s all over and declared a success, you’ll realize that the effort was indeed worth it.

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