Can You Use Customers Water When Pressure Washing

Can You Use Customers Water When Pressure Washing

Hiring a professional cleaner can be affordable and effective as per your needs and through this employment opportunities have been created. There are several cleaning industries or companies that help you do your washing making your job way easy.

Using a professional cleaner helps you save more money and time. For a professional or a company, you should know the way you use the water provided by your customer determines the probability of you getting another job with them. You can save a lot of money by using the water that is already available when pressure washing for your business.

There can be no clear answer to whether you can use your customer’s water or not. The matter is dependent on a lot factors. For instance, some areas have restrictions on how much water you can use per day. An example is those areas you are not permitted to use your sprinkler systems or supply extra water.

Factors to Consider Before Using Your Customers Water

If you find yourself in a place where you are allowed to use your customer’s water there several factors that you should consider look into. When cleaning your customer’s home with your pressure washer ensure you use clean water and a high-pressure hose so that you protect their improvement, while efficiently removing dirt and grime.

If you want to use your customer's water, be sure to ask their permission first. Make sure they have suitable water pressure, and that they are not at risk of flooding. Once they give you the go-ahead, make sure the hose you plan to use is rated for outdoor use and will hold up in inclement weather conditions. If preparing your equipment out of season, store it properly so it doesn't become damaged or lose its functionality.

It’s important to ensure that the customer has the proper permits for their water supply and doesn’t t mind if their water supply has residual soap in it. The pressure washer detergent injector will add soap from a pre-determined ratio. The ratio can always be changed to meet the customer’s needs.

You should check the type of water in place and ensure that it does not have contamination of any kind. Most water is fine to use when pressure washing, however it’s advisable to ensure you have good quality water pressure and it’s not subject to hard water areas and does not contain high levels of fluoride or chlorine,

Why Use Your Customers Water

With all this factors in check you can always use your customers water supply when pressure washing. As a matter of fact, it is best if you can because then you don’t have to waste time getting your water ready. If you do have to use your water, then be sure that it is filtered and clean.

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